Detailed Course Map can be found here: Bloody11W - 111 Mile Map

and detailed turn sheet Here

Detailed course description by Laz:

To begin with, if you will blow the map up to a high resolution,
you will notice a little hook at the start.
That is where we failed to stop the GPS precisely at the end.
The little hook won't be included!

On the Southeast corner of Prosser and Magnolia (US 70/11) is a parking area,
which can be used by the vehicles that transport us to the start.
The start itself will be the Southeast corner of that intersection.
On Naresh' signal we will cross to the North side of the intersection and turn East on Magnolia (US 70/11).
Crew vehicles will proceed East in the South lanes.
Both crews and runners will turn left on their respective exits for Rutledge Pike (11-W).
We will be back together on the same road in only a few hundred yards.

In about a half mile we will pass under I-40.
At about 1.5 miles we will pass under I-640.
Between the two Interstates there is no shoulder.
For most of the remainder of the course there is a good shoulder.

At about 13.5 miles we will enter the town of Blaine.
On the left you will see the beginning of Clinch Mountain.
We will leave Blaine around mile 17.

We enter Rutledge around mile 27,
and leave it around mile 31.

At mile 39 you will technically enter the Bean Station city limits.
By mile 40, you will see US 25-E coming from the left to join US 11-W.
This part is important!
The runners lanes will split from the crew lanes, and cross over the entering US 25-E on an overpass.
The lanes will come back together on the other side of US 25-E.

Just past mile 42, you will see the old US-11-W/25-E, also called Old Lee Highway going straight ahead as the new highway swings to the right.
The old highway does not connect straight thru, 
but rather has a turnoff a short distance later so that it connects at a 90 degree angle.
Turn left on the Old Lee Highway and follow it thru "downtown" Bean Station.
At about mile 43.5 you will come to US 11-W again.
Turn left on US 11-W.
You will leave the Bean Station city limits at around 44.5 miles.

It is a long haul from there to the Rogersville city limits at mile 58.
At just past mile 59 you will reach the point where West Main Street turns off to go straight,
while the modern US 11-W curves to the left.
There are signs to make sure you know the historic downtown is down thataway.
Turn right onto the old West Main.
You are about to do the prettiest part of the entire course!

After you have passed thru the old downtown district, at about mile 61.5 you will come to Park Blvd.
Technically the course turns left here and climbs a hill to return to US 11-W.
However, if you continue on East Main St, past where Burem Pike forks off to the right,
as you near mile 63 you come to where old State 70 turns off to the left.
The intersection is divided to leave a triangular "park" in the middle.
Right in the middle of that "park" is a little monument for the Old Stagecoach Road.
If you ask, maybe Naresh will allow us to go that way.
there is no shoulder, so you might not want to go that way if there is a lot of traffic.
The fancy motel is up where Park Blvd intersects US 11-W, 
so if you are stopping at the motel you might not want to follow the old route.

Anywhere you turn lift off East Main, it will connect to US 11-W,
and if you follow it to the end, it dumps into US 11-W.
so you wont get lost.

You leave Rogersville around 64 miles.

At a little past 68 miles you will see State 346 turning to the right to go thru Surgoinsville.
This used to be the old US 11-W, and you turn right onto it.
While there isnt a very good shoulder, the traffic is light...
and Surgoinsville is worth the trip.

Just past mile 71 you will enter the old Surgoinsville, small town Tennessee lost in time.
Don't miss the chance to get your picture taken in front of the smallest police station you will ever see!

At mile 73.5 you will exit Surgoinsville city limits, and at mile 76 you will rejoin US 11-W.
At the same time, you will enter Church Hill city limits.
Church Hill runs on forever!
Somewhere around mile 83 or 84 it becomes Mt Carmel.

As a matter of fact, you are in some city limits or another until you leave Kingsport at mile 98.5.
We thought this was the 100 mile mark during the measurements,
but mile 100 is actually a mile and a half later,
just before you come to Pendleton Cemetery.

At mile 107 you will enter the Bristol city limits.
And at mile 108 you will cross I-81.

Just past mile 112 you will find the "END 11-W" sign on the right hand side of the highway.
Slap that baby, and you will not be done.
The actual intersection with US 11-E is at the next corner.