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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bloody 11W - 100 Mile Race

When: Aug 31st - Sep 2nd, 2013
Where: Knoxville, TN
Pre-Race Dinner Aug 30th, Fri @ Shoney's 6PM
Registration 2013 Bloody11W - Entry Form

That's how it all started...

The highway was once known as "Bloody 11W" because of the frequency of fatal accidents along the route. Why not run 111 miles on the most haunted road in the US...That's how it all started...

This one's a brain child of Laz. During the beginning of 2011, Laz, inspired by the Mother Road, was looking at another highway with history and proposed to have a race along the State Road 11W. Approximately 110 miles from where 11E and 11W splits in Knoxville, TN all the way to the Virginia state line in Bristol. Thus the beginning of Bloody 11W 100 Mile race.

The gas giant race, geared towards the over-the-hill crowd, with a gas giant division for the elderly & infirm leading the way and an able bodied division for the youngsters and speedsters will be held during the labor day weekend. This is a fatass style event. The runner takes care of themselves. However, with a 72 hour limit for 100 miles, this is a chance for the old, slow, or disabled folks to log a legitimate 100 miler and with probably a dozen or less runners, someone will get a chance to win a race.

As a side note; since the race finishes at the Virginia state line in Bristol, the total distance is more like 111 miles the only cutoff is 72 hours for the 100 mile split.